National Dementia Action Plan

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The National Dementia Action Plan is a joint initiative between the Australian Government and state and territory governments. It is a 10 -year plan to put people living with dementia, their families, and carers at the centre of all action on dementia.

The National Dementia Action Plan has a vision where Australians understand dementia – people living with dementia and their carers have the best quality of life possible and no one walks the dementia journey alone.

Consultation on the National Dementia Action Plan

A consultation paper has been developed following feedback from stakeholders including people with lived experience, aged care peak bodies (including Dementia Australia and Carers Australia), clinicians, specialists, academics, researchers and data analysts.

Have your say

We want to ensure that the voices of people with lived experience of dementia are reflected in Australia’s priorities for action on dementia over the next 10 years, including:

  • people living with dementia

  • their carers, families and friends

  • people who work in primary care, health, acute or aged care

  • researchers and academics.

How to provide feedback

  • Complete an online survey (approx 15 minutes)

  • Email us at

  • Post your feedback to National Dementia Action Plan,  MDP 765, GPO Box 9848, Canberra ACT 2601

  • Call 1800 565 789 to provide feedback over the phone, or request a hard copy of the paper and/or survey

What happens next

Public consultation is open until 31 January 2023.

All feedback will shape the final National Dementia Action Plan, which will be finalised in 2023.

More information


Over the course of our lives, almost all of us will be impacted by dementia in one way or another.

Whether it's through a loved one or living with it ourselves, no one should have to walk the dementia journey alone.

That’s why it’s important to have your say on the National Dementia Action Plan.

This is a ten year plan that will help improve support for those living with dementia, their loved ones and carers.

With your input, we can make Australia a more dementia friendly society and improve policy, planning and services for diagnosis, treatment, care and education.

Dementia can affect anyone, anywhere and at any age, so it's important that your voice is heard.

To have your say, you can visit the website, email us, or call 1800 565 789.

Together, we can improve the lives of people living with dementia, their carers and families.

We’ll finalise the National Dementia Action Plan in 2023 and so we need your input by January 31st.

Get involved

  • Survey: National Dementia Action Plan

    We are seeking feedback on the draft National Dementia Action Plan. Complete the short survey and have your say because your views will inform this 10-year plan for dementia action.

    Audience: Older Australians, carers and families, Aged care workers, Providers (i.e service administrators, owners), Aged care experts and peak organisations

    Topic: All

What we've heard

  • In August and September 2022, the Department of Health and Aged Care undertook workshops with a small number of people with lived experience of dementia, and people caring for people with dementia to inform the National Dementia Action Plan public consultation paper.

    16 November 2022

Stakeholder Toolkit

To help us promote the public consultation on the National Dementia Action Plan, see our Stakeholder Toolkit.


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