Outcomes from the Strengthening Approved Aged Care Provider Governance consultation

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In December 2021, we asked for feedback on how to implement requirements, being considered by Parliament, to strengthen aged care provider governance arrangements.

We sought your views about how to implement proposed arrangements regarding:

  • the quality care advisory body that will report to the approved provider’s governing body
  • the content of an approved provider’s annual statement about their operations
  • the records providers should keep on the proposed legislative provisions.

Who we heard from

We received valuable feedback from a wide variety of interested parties including older Australians and their families and carers, peak bodies and aged care providers.

What we heard

We heard there is a strong level of support across all elements of the proposed aged care governance arrangements consulted on.

The proposed legislative reforms being considered by Parliament will mean approved providers have to create, and maintain, a quality care advisory body. This body would help keep the governing body informed about the quality of care delivered by the provider’s service/s.

You told us that membership of a provider’s quality care advisory body should include a board member of the provider organisation; a person involved in the delivery of care and services (such as a registered nurse or a personal care worker); and a person representing the interests of care recipients.

You agreed the quality care advisory body should consider information suggested in the consultation, including trends in care, progress made on the provider’s Plan for Continuous Improvement and action to address any quality concerns.

The proposed legislative reforms being considered by Parliament also will mean approved providers need to prepare an annual statement on their operations that is to be published on the My Aged Care website. The annual statement is to help care recipients and their families to better understand the provider’s operations.

You indicated strong support that the annual statement should include a statement by the governing body that the provider has met the Aged Care Quality Standards; the provider’s financial position; and information about their key personnel.

You agreed that providers should be required to keep records to show they meet the proposed governance requirements, including keeping records of governing body membership; the operation of advisory bodies; and checks of the suitability of personnel.

You suggested ways to support implementation of the provider governance reforms through additional guidance and resources, such as:

  • a suite of documents to assist providers to report under the new requirements
  • template documents for the establishment of the new bodies
  • IT support and funding for resources.

What we’re doing

The findings will be used to help inform the development of the requirements to strengthen provider governance.

You can find information in the Strengthening Aged Care Provider Governance – Report on Consultation

Download PDF – 936 KB

Download Word – 416 KB

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